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Political science

Will Morality Disappear?

Fishman Leonid

The paper considers the following issue: does morality will disappear in the course of evolution of man and society, giving way to ethics and legal norms as social regulators. It is shown that such a statement is a consequence of thinking within the dominant liberal paradigm is driven by the idea of “the end of history”, implicitly reproduced in it, and it excludes the possibility of social change outside capitalism and liberalism. 

Keywords: morality, liberalism, capitalism, social change, political strife.

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Political Modernization in the Arab East: between the State and Conservative Revolution

Ivanova, Evgeniya

The article explores the peculiarities of the process of political modernization in the Arab East. The author highlights the key problematic features of the specific situa- tion of modernity faced by contemporary Arab societies. She argues that in the condi- tions of the dominance of anti-modernist ideologies and ongoing formation of nations it is the state that plays the role of main institution that encourage modernization in the Arab East.

Keywords: political modernization, Arab countries, modernity, modern institutions, globalization, state, plural society, asabiyyat, pan-Arabism, anti-modernism, conservative revolution.

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Current Status of Higher Juridicl Education and its Provision with Practical Component in Modern Russia

Bezrukov, Andrey , Teplyashin, Ivan

The article analyses the mechanism of higher juridical education. The necessity of forming the educational policy, which takes into consideration the social-legal interests of Russian society, is underlined. The necessity to have practical component in such education and the reasons for that are observed in details, all possible recommendations are given.

Keywords: Russian student, Russian education, higher juridical education, scientific community, practical component of education, constitutional law.

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Civil-Law Contract Regulation in the System of Legal Regulation of the Contract Relationships

Kazantsev, Mikhail

The notion of a Civil-Law Contract regulation is formulated in the article, its place in the legal regulation of contractual relations is defined. The interaction between civil contract regulation and legal regulation of contractual relations is examined.

Keywords: civil-Law Contract, civil law contractual regulation, legal regulation, administrative legal regulation, court legal regulation, legal regulation, centralized, decentralized (autonomous, private) legal regulation.

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Problem of Contents of the Right of Ownership

Arkhipov, Sergey

The article is devoted to the contents of the right of ownership. The author in detail analyzes theoretical opinions about elements of the right of ownership and proposes a new theoretical model of the right of ownership. 

Keywords: property, right of ownership, individual right, legal relation, theoretical model of the right of ownership.

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The Grand Jury as the Institute of Citizen Participation in Judiciary

Rudenko Victor

Citizen participation in grand jury for the determination of criminal charges’ reasonableness and the necessity of indictment are analyzed. The types of grand juries, their tasks and the duties of grand jurors are described.

Keywords: grand jury, investigatory juries, juries of accusation, regular grand jury, special grand jury, federal grand jury, state grand jury, county grand jury, multi- jurisdiction grand jury, grand jury composition, grand jury’s jurors, grand jury’s foreman, grand jury's clerk, grand jury’s secretary. 

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The Juridical Contents of Public Representation: Constitutional Law Doctrine Bases

Filippova, Natalya

Formation of the concepts on juridical contents of public representation is analyzed as the main vector of development of the constitutional law doctrine, which appeared at the boundary of XIX–XX-th centuries, and developed in Russian constitutional law in the beginning of the XXI-st century. Classification and the characteristics of theories of representation in constitutional law are presented.

Keywords: public representation, political representation, national representation, system of public representation, public will, a representative body.

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Constitutional Law Foundations of Civil Society

Andreev, Alexander

The article examines the constitutional law foundations of civil society institutes’ functioning. The author justifies the need for the participation of Russian society in the state management process.

Keywords: civil society, Russian society, democracy, personality, rights and freedoms of man and citizen, legal state.

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Causes of Corruption and the Role of Russian Community in the Anti-corruption mechanism

Teplyashin, Ivan

The article analyzes the main causes of corruption in Russia as well as the role of civil society institutions in this context. The author justifies the need for the participation of Russian society in the anti-corruption activities. The importance of the interaction between state and public institutions as the condition for the reduction of corruption is considered.

Keywords: corruption, the causes of corruption, anti-corruption legislation, the Russian society, policy in the field of opposition to corruption, identity.

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Gusev, Andrey

The questions of implementation of international interdepartmental agreements concluded by law-enforcement bodies of executive authority with relevant authorities of foreign states are analyzed in this article. The author makes an attempt to single out some problems of interdepartmental  international agreements implementation and suggests possible ways of legislation improvement and intradepartmental creation of regulatory acts. 

Keywords: international agreements implementation, law-enforcement bodies of executive authority, official promulgation of international agreements, forms of implementation of international interdepartmental agreements.

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