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Until 01.01.2019 - Scientific Yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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The Logic of Alienation and the Logic of Emancipation

Lubutin Konstantin , Kondrashov Pyotr

The article observes different forms of subjective, social and existential alienation in modern capitalist society based upon private property, and possible means of overcoming and transcending those forms of alienation.

Keywords: alienation, private property, reification, commodity and virtual fetishism, illusion, transcendence of alienation.


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The Criminological Aspect of Nietzsche's Creative Work in Philosophy from the Viewpoint of Two-valued Algebra of the Natural Law

Lobovikov Vladimir

The criminological aspect of Nietzsche’s creative work in philosophy is investigated at the level of its discrete mathematical simulation – two-valued algebra of actions (synonym – two-valued algebra of the natural law).

Keywords: sub-cultural crime theory, algebra of the natural law, Nietzsche’s philosophy of life and crime.


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The problem of Intentionality in Philosophical Anthropology

Gagarin Anatoly

The article considers the concept of intention in historic-philosophical tradition and its contemporary variations: from medieval scholasticism (Thomas Aquinas, W. Okkam), and phenomenology (F. Brentano, E. Husserl) to philosophy of F. Nietzsche, M. Scheler, M. Heidegger, K. Jaspers.

Keywords: intention, intentionality, phenomenological topic, transcendence, existence.


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Emeljanov Boris , Litzuk Andrey , Rusakov Vasiliy

The article describes the stages of development of Russian philosophy of law and makes distinction between “Russian Philosophy of Law” and “Philosophy of Law in Russia”. The authors demonstrate the value of those concepts for the rise of legal consciousness in Russian society.


Keywords: history of philosophy, history of Russian social thought, Russian philosophy, philosophy of law, legal consciousness, law and morality.



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Fundamentalism and Identity Mania

Stepanova Elena

The article considers fundamentalism as particular method of cultural work and special form of political instrumentalization of cultural differences in various civilizations. The influence of fundamentalism over the process of personal and social identity is observed. The author analyzes religious, socio-psychological and ethical aspects of fundamentalism.

Keywords: fundamentalism, identity, identity mania, modernity, tolerance, tradition, civilization style, cultural differences, dialogue.


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Scientific Literature as Subject of Philosophy of Science

Miroshnikov Yuri

The author enlarges the field of philosophy of science by analyzing scientific text as the most important result of scientific work. The article contains philosophical, philological and linguistic analysis of some elements of science literature such as genre, style, author and reader.

Keywords: scientific literature, genres of scientific literature, style of scientific text.


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Pre-conditions os Institutional Stage in Evolution of Social Work

Koryakovtsev Andrey

The article interprets the rise of the institute of social work as a necessary result of macro-revolutionary cycle in the first half of the XX c. and of the cultural evolution in industrial societies.

Keywords: institute of social work, macro-revolutionary cycle, bureaucratic society, modernized capitalism, social project of fascism, models of social policy, social care, social help, socio-economic model.


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Obolkina Svetlana


The article contains brief analysis of philosophical-cultural and methodological prerequisites of general and social ecology. General ecology in contrast to social ecology demonstrates the object adequacy and methodological constituency. That is why the use of its methodological thesaurus enables foreseeing perspectives of new and more effective scientific strategy of ecology.


Keywords: general ecology, social ecology, evolutional paradigm, reductionism, energy approach, culture, civilization.


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