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Phenomenological Topic: Meaning-of-life Space Existentials of Human Life

Gagarin Anatoly

The concept of phenomenological topic is considered as meaning-of-life space of human understanding of self-essence (Ich-selbst) in the modus of existentials, and as identification field for existential intention toward transcendence.

Keywords: phenomenological topic, existence, existentials of human being, existential, existential ontology, intention, transcendence, phenomenological topic of antique man.

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Anatomy of Hope Experience

Malyshev Mikhail

The paper is devoted to the phenomenological analysis of hope experience. The author attempts to define the status of hope as anticipation of future, to link the category under analysis with kin notions (anguish, anxiety, despair), to discover similarity and difference between hope and trust, to appreciate the role of hope in motivation of conduct of history agents and, at the end of ends, to discover specific nature of existence deprived of hope. With respect to the last discovery, the author grounds his analysis upon evidences, testimonies and confessions of prisoners of the death camps of Kolyma and Osventsim.

Keywords: time, hope, trust, hopelessness, anxiety, meaning, experience.

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Secularization Theories and the "Project of Modernity": Possibilities and Limits

Stepanova Elena

The article considers «classic» and present-day understanding of secularization and its place in the process of modernization. The author concludes about the need to analyze religion in concrete socio-cultural context, taking into consideration the diversity of the contemporary world.

Keywords: secularization, modernity, personal identity, religious factor, pluralism.

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Religious Issues in the Analysis of Meaning

Jareno Alarcon Joaquin

This work tries to discuss the influence Wittgenstein have exerted on contemporary relativism, analyzing the concepts form of life, language game, and certainty, among others. The analysis is made by means of raising the question on the relationship between the scientific language game and the religious one. My intention is to show the basic connections that allow us to overcome relativist perspective. The paper analyzes the place religion had in Wittgenstein’s life and in his first work («Tractatus») as well.


Keywords: relativism, language game, human form of life, religion, meaning.






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Anthropology of Self-Alienation (Social-Phychological Theories of Z. Freud and E. Fromm in the Context of Phylosophical Antropology of L. Feuerbach, K. Marx and F. Engels)

Lubutin Konstantin , Koryakovtsev Andrey

The article is concentrated on the analysis of psychological aspects of the selfalienation. The authors critically consider psychological concepts of Z. Freud and E. Fromm from the point of view of philosophical anthropology of K. Marx and F. Engels.

Keywords: philosophical anthropology, self-alienation, alienation of labour, “Labour Theory” of F. Enges, anthropogenesis, materialistic understanding of history, archetype, social unconsciousness, social character, identification of individual, personality.

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The Social Foundations of Postmodernism: the Attempt of Marxist Analysis

Lubutin Konstantin , Kondrashov Pyotr

Grounding on Marxist methodology of historical-philosophical investigation, authors analyze socio-economic and historical reasons of the beginning of Postmodernism. Authors conclude that Postmodernist philosophy is a natural form of mental representation of globalizing capitalism in the consciousness of certain part of intellectuals.

Keywords: postmodernism, marxism, critique and apologia of capitalism, determination of social consciousness and philosophy by structures of social being.

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A Unity of Alethic, Majoritarian, Epistemic, Axiological, Deontic, and Utilitarian Modalities in Two-valued Algebra of Formal Axiology

Lobovikov Vladimir

In two-valued algebra of formal ethics the author demonstrates a formalaxiological equivalence of alethic, majoritarian, epistemic, axiological, deontic, and utilitarian modalities as moral-legal evaluation-functions determined by two variables. This result is a complement to the paradigm of modal logic and “propositional attitudes”.

Keywords: modalities, alethic, epistemic, axiological, deontic, utilitarian, formal-axiological equivalence, evaluation-function, variable, algebra of formal ethics.


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Rights and Dignity of Russian Citizen

Fan Irina

The author examines contradiction between constitutional status of a citizen and real political and legal status of a person and analyzes the political and legal mechanisms of the implementation of rights and duties of Russian citizen. The absence of personal dignity acknowledged by the state is considered as a sign of anti-democratic relations between person and state.

Keywords: citizen, constitutional status of citizen, citizenship, mechanisms of implementation of rights and duties of Russian citizens, personal dignity.

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Specificity of the Medical Cognition and Problems of its Object's Integrity

Miroshnikov Yuri

The medical cognition is considered in the article as combination of natural-scientific, humanitarian and technological elements. The author argues that basic problem of medical knowledge is the absence of unified scientific theory of human being, which could explain health and malady in the framework of integral approach toward human being as the subject of culture.

Keywords: natural-scientific, humanitarian, technological elements of medical cognition, fundamental and applied aspects of medical knowledge about human being's health, norms and maladies, problem of integral scientific human being's pattern in the area of medical knowledge.

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