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Until 01.01.2019 - Scientific Yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Davydov Dmitry

Abstract: The article discusses social capital theory in the context of conservative political thought. It is shown that the authors of social capital theory consider social ties as a source of economic well-being. They criticize the cult of individualism believing that the process of individualization entails a deficit of social capital. The author indicates the contradictoriness of this approach. Social ties should not be called ‘capital’ for ethical reasons. Metaphor of capital can be harmful as it distorts our perception of the real motives of associative behavior. Among such motives may be love, a sense of reciprocity and thankfulness, etc. Conceptual component of social capital theory is unclear too, as well as the relationship between social capital and capitalism. Experience shows that
real capital contributes to the destruction of what is usually meant by social capital. This situation forces the author to reconsider the role, which social capital theory plays today in political discussions. The author proposes an alternative term – “social of capitalism”. This term denotes those social phenomena, the essence of which is external to the essence of capitalism. In this connection, the author proposes an approach, according to which capitalism does not exist without something, to which it opposes. Some social phenomena oppose selfishness, therefore, they could inhibit a lot of negative aspects of capitalism. On the other hand, capitalism with its emphasis on individual liberty eliminates the evil, potentially stemming from fanaticism and fundamentalism of social associations. According to the author, this approach makes possible to raise the same issues, which are raised by social capital theory, while avoiding conceptual contradictions and distortion of meanings.
Keywords: capitalism, conservatism, social capital.

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