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Until 01.01.2019 - Scientific Yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ISSN 2686-7206 (Print)

ISSN 2686-925X (Оnlinе)

Bryanik Nadezda

Аbstract: The article considers the latest stage of the development of science – the postnon-classical science. The post-non-classical stage is connected with the revolutionary changes in the development of modern science, which began in the second half of the XX century. One criterion of the formation of a new stage is the scientific picture of the world. The appeal to a world scientific picture allows revealing the philosophical meaning of the radical change in the individual’s attitude towards the world. Recognition of the plurality of the world is combined with the synergetic ideas, which provide integrity of the post-non-classical picture of the world. The article considers the following principles as fundamental statements of the post-non-classical picture of the world: the systemic principle, which is connected with the research of dynamic systems with plasticity and inherent behavior; the principle of functioning, which is based on the idea of irreversibility and the evolution including self-organization, fluctuation and bifurcation mechanisms; the principle of determined chaos (as the new kind of causality), which is presented by mechanisms of mutual transition of chaos and order. The post-non-classical picture of the world includes the new concept of time. It is connected with the opening of internal time imprinted in the
middle age of the system condition. The most important statement concerning the world picture is the recognition of the universal information, as well as the anthropic principle. Living, as well as
social and humanitarian systems, becomes the initial model in the post-non-classical picture of the world. This fact defines fundamental role of the idea of self-organization in the post-non-classical science and explains its identification with the synergetic picture of the world.
Keywords: Classical/non-classical/post-non-classical science, dynamic systems, information, external/internal time, anthropic principle, deterministic chaos, self-organization.

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