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Vasilenko, Yuri

In the article, the author analyzes political and ideological identity of padre F. Zeballos (1732-1802) – one of scholastic philosophers who stays at the roots of modern Spanish traditionalist political ideology. The author demonstrates the multipartite character of Zeballos` political and ideological identity and reveals its three components: liberal-conservative, traditionalist, and, potentially, right-radical conservative. Through the interpretation of the main Zeballos` opus «The False Philosophy» the author concludes that Zeballos`s political and ideological identity is the traditionalist one, and it inclines toward potentially right-radical conservatism. The author`s arguments are based on traditionalist ideological and axiological dominants of Zeballos` political mind (Catholicism and Monarchy), and his calls for the political violation against the philosophers-enlighteners. Using the Zeballos` case, the author constructs a mechanism of the right-radical conservatism and right radicalism, which exists in European Christian countries such as Italy, Spain and Germany, as well as in Eastern European ones.
Keywords: political ideology, political and ideological identity, traditionalism, reaction, European anti-Enlightenment, Spain, XVIII сentury.

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