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Until 01.01.2019 - Scientific Yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

ISSN 2686-7206 (Print)

ISSN 2686-925X (Оnlinе)

Miroshnikov, Yuri

The paper demonstrates that the value aspects of science are the subject matter of epistemology, which is currently understood as philosophy of scientific consciousness. The value aspects of science are considered in terms of different structural aspects of science as social and cultural phenomenon, in general, and as activity, in particular. Activity is considered as main principle of understanding of scientific cognition. Firstly, the paper investigates the value aspects of science stemming from its subject. Then, the value aspects of motivation, organization and behavior strategies in scientific activity are analyzed. The author shows that the value content of science is generally reflected in hierarchical structure of scientific activity as the aspect of relations of theoretical and empirical levels of cognition. Such subjects of scientific cognition as theoreticians and practitioners are considered. The attention is drawn to the correlation between fundamental and applied knowledge, to how it has evolved throughout the history of science.  The author examines the value aspects of scientific knowledge and proves that trueness is the fundamental value of science.

Keywords: value aspects of science, axiology of science, value aspects of subject matter of science, value aspects of motivation, organization and behavior strategies of scientific activity, value aspects of scientific knowledge, trueness as fundamental value of science.


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