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Until 01.01.2019 - Scientific Yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Political science

Concepts of Justice in Russian Politics

Kanarsh Grigorii

The article proves that the valuative discussion about social-political model is possible not only in the West, but also in Russia. The author compares five social projects for Russia: conservative, ethno-cratic, social-democratic, left-central and communitarian, and comes to the conclusion that the left-central project of “good society” is the most compelling.

Keywords: justice discourse, comparative analysis, modernity, political ethics, communitarism, elitism, “good society”, critical function.


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On "Extremist Literature"

Fishman Leonid

The article defines the concept “literature of extremist character” (“extremist material”) and considers the rational of its use in the practice of struggle against extremist activity.

Keywords: ideology, national and religious discord, radicalism, literature of extremist character, extremism, extremist material.

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Kodan Sergey

The article considers the systematization of law as the type of legal activity and analyzes its role in the state law policy. The author pays special attention to the legal character of systematization acts as law sources and demonstrates their peculiarities in the system of legal information.


Keywords: systematization of legislation, The Law Code, law sources.



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New Model of Differentiation and Decentralization of Power in Russian Federalism: Problems of Securing the Interests of Constituent Members of Russian Federation

Filippova Natalya

The author analyzes preconditions and contents of the federal reform in Russia (2003–2008) and considers the legal nature of the new model of power differentiation, especially in the issues of joint conduct, and shows its shortages and legal consequences.

Keywords: differentiation of subjects of conduct and power, subjects of joint conduct of Russian Federation, transfer of power, participation of subjects in implementation of federal power.

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The Institute of Draft Lottery in Recruitment to USA Army: Problems of Randomization

Rudenko Victor

The author analyzes the legal aspects of draft lottery in recruitment to USA army through considering experiences of conscriptions during the American Civil War, World Wars I and II and the Vietnam War. The significance of those experiences for legal regulation of draft in the framework of Selective Service System (SSS) is described.

Keywords: Draft, conscriptions, lot drawing, draft lottery, randomization, Selective Service System (SSS).


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Concept and Types of the Institute of Public Hearings

Ocheretina Maria

The author analyzes the legal nature of public hearings and their main characteristics. The article describes the main types of public hearings as the institute of deliberative democracy and shows possibilities of its implementation.

Keywords: public hearings, deliberative democracy, characteristics and concept of public hearings, types of public hearings, significance of public hearings.


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