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Independent Anti-corruption Examination as Form of Democracy of Involvement (Case of Subjects of Russian Federation Included in Ural Federal District)

Kulchevskiy Vladimir

The article analyzes one of the possible forms of democracy of involvement – independent anti-corruption examination. The author brought to light a number of features, which characterize the legal regulation of independent anti-corruption examination in the subjects of the Russian Federation included in the Ural Federal District. He concludes that under current conditions, the anti-corruption examination appears to be one of the few really effective forms of the democracy of involvement in the Russian Federation. However, as it becomes evident from the analysis that the legislation needs to be improved on the level of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The main directions of the legislation improvement are as follows: adoption of relevant regional law, expansion of a circles of experts in the subjects of the federation, mandatory considerations of experts’ conclusions in some legal acts; resolution of consequences of non-publishing of regulatory drafts.

Keywords: democracy, participation of citizens in the exercise of public authority, the Federation, subjects of Federation, democracy of involvement, consultative democracy, civil society institutions.

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Communicative Functions of Adverbials in English Popular Science Texts

Vikulova, Elena

The article refers to the functional sentence perspective in the popular-science texts from the Scientific American. The communicative functions of various adjuncts in the initial, final, and intermediate positions in declarative sentences have been analyzed. The function of theme does not appear to be typical of the adverbial modifiers of place, time, and manner. It is more logical to speak about the function of antetheme (anticipatory theme) with reference to both detached and non-detached adverbial modifiers in the initial position in the sentence. By their semantics, these adverbials are presuppositionally connected with some known facts in human minds, but in the sentence structure, they are followed by the actual communicative core of utterance in the form of subject and predicate. Adjuncts in the final position regularly perform the function of rheme. Such sentences make up the bulk of our corpus.
Keywords: functional sentence perspective, theme, antetheme, rheme, topic, focus, adverbials, communicative dynamism, popular-science text, discourse, proposition, presupposition.

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