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Telin, Kirill

This paper is dedicated to the study of «stability» ideas existing in the political sphere as one of the key points of official political power discourse. According to the author, the usage of “stability” concept oriented towards various manipulations of the public opinion is compared with the scientific notions expressed in domestic and foreign developments. The paper includes a comprehensive methodological optics: the author offers detailed analysis of the key contemporary concepts of “stability” with detailed presentation of the relevant requirements for the existing political order. The author makes a conclusion about the discrepancy between the meaning of “stability” in the scientific and political spheres. The paper considers such systematical political circumstances as defects in political communication and existing political language (1); political disenfranchisement and reproducing alienation of citizens from their own political rights and ideas about themselves as political actors (2); and as deliberate transformation of quite specific and instrumental discourse of “stability” and “stabilization” into a vague ethical requirement (3). The author assumes that continuing trends in Russian politics (in many ways similar to similar trends in other countries) – such as the gap between the establishment and the rest of society (a); political apathy and even depression of a large part of the population (b); and the ongoing transformation of the information space (c) – are able to exacerbate the problems of the official authoritative discourse with scientific research and even elementary common sense.
Keywords: stability, political regime, discourse, language, political competition.

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