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Until 01.01.2019 - Scientific Yearbook of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Skiperskikh, Alexander

Abstract: In this article, we investigate features of the incorporation into the political elite in the Orel region. From the point of view of the author, specificity of Orel`s case lies in the fact that until now the processes of incorporation into the regional political class are managed by representatives of the old nomenklatura of Orel region, who were put into power by ex-governor Egor Stroev. The distribution of power in the Orel region is almost entirely dependent on the former governor. In the modern Russia, it is not an exclusion. The continuity of the reproduction of political elites characterizes Russia at the federal level, and it is spread over the practice of incorporation of regional political elites as well. From the point of view of the author, Egor Stroyev`s factor is decisive in
the practice of political legitimation of new governors of the Orel region – Aleksander Kozlov and Vadim Potomsky. Despite the differences in transmitting into the Orel region, it is non-disputable that at one time both of them represented the powerful circles of federal groups in the field; they had to solve problems on their own. Eventually, the need of creating the own team turns into a certain problem due to a shortage of loyal and professional bureaucracy. To a certain degree, limited staff resources explains the desire of both governors to get Egor Stroev’s support and efficiently combine local people and «vikings» in the new political class of the region. The consensus between the «old» and the «new» elite is the optimal model of the dialogue. However, the renewal of the political elite of the Orel region may reduce the value of the factor of Egor Stroev; it can bring some uncertainty into the development of the political elites and indicate difficult processes within the elite community. Further reproduction of the political elite in the Orel region will need some kind of authority and popular actors. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that the search for such a figure will have positive results.
Keywords: power, governor, legitimation, Orel region, political elite.

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